We try to make the world better by new vision of car using. Just find travel fellows and go!

What is “carpooling” and “ridesharing”?
It means, you don’t need your own car for travel - just select rides with the same route. This is new way of travel and reduce costs of transportation by connecting drivers with passengers. Go together! Also with our service you can send and receive parcels.

How I can use service?
Create new trip, add your contact information and receive offers from people, that wants to join. Or select suitable trip from pre-existing trips and write/call to driver for details.

How I find out accurate time of departure?
Time of departure and meeting point you can discuss with driver by phone.

TelePort Service is information search engine and not responsible for any problems with the drivers and passengers. All disputes are covered by the laws of the country where you are currently located. If you think you are in danger, call the police. If you have any questions, contact with support - teleport.eu@gmail.com